List of references

Dosing systems

date customer short description amount capacity kg/h transported material
2018-07-10   Kotouc Stramberk, Czech Republic Dosing machine for QualiCal PFR lime shaft kiln 1 2300 Pet coke or pulverised lignite
2016-12-05   Köhler Kalk GmbH, Meißner Dosing machine for QualiCal lime shaft kiln 1 1200 pulverized lingnite dust
2016-03-11   ZKW Otterbein, GmbH & Co. KG, 36137 Großenlüder Dosing machine for flue ash
Otterbein cement and lime plant
1 5000 Flue ash
2016-01-13   SINOCALCI, China (Xinjiang Xinhua Mining Co.,Ltd) Dosing systems for annular kilns 2 6000 Pulverised lignite
2015-08-03   Bergmann GmbH & Co. at Azendorf/Germany Dosing Machine for QualiCal GGR Kiln 1 1500 Pulverised lignite
2015-05-05   LHOIST, Dugny-sur-Meuse, France Dosing system with 4 dosing units 3 300 Pulverised lignite
2015-01-15   Leube GmbH, Zementwerk, A-5083 St. Leonhard Dosing system with 4 dosing units and
4 conveying lines
1 12000 Pulverised lignite
2014-12-10   Leube GmbH, A-5440 Golling Dosing system including conveying system
for an annular shaft lime kiln and a multi-chamber lime kiln
1 3200 Pet coke or Pulverised lignite
2014-11-21   Lusical, Portugal Dosing system with 6x2 dosing units
for GGR lime kiln
1 1200 Pet coke dust
2014-11-19   Baumit Baustoffe GmbH, A-4820 Bad Ischl Dosing system and conveying system
as well as 120m³ silo
1 2000 Pet coke or pulverised lignite
2014-07-31   QualiCal/ECL Dosing system for regenerative shaft kiln
4x2 dosing units
1 2400/1550 Pulverised lignite/Pet coke
2013-09-01   HeidelbergCement AG, site Istein Dosing system for lime kiln
7x2 dosing units
1 3500 Pulverised lignite
2013-02-01   Rheinkalk GmbH Wülfrath, site Flandersbach Dosing systems for shaft kilns 2 6000 Pulverised lignite
2012-05-01   SINOCALCI China Dosing system for annular kilns
5 dosing systems with 14 dosing units each
5 7000 Pulverised lignite