Our ideology

engineering services in harmony with the environment

CARBOTECHNIK has dedicated itself to the dosing and combustion of pulverised materials made from raw materials such as lignite, biomass, pet coke, sludge, etc. Based on the fuel value, these processed materials are extremely economical in comparison to conventional natural gas or fuel oil.

Pulverised lignite, for example, is available in many parts of Europe. In Germany, this "standard fuel" is available everywhere and is a domestic source of energy with no import risks for all thermal energy consumers, available for centuries to come and with long-term price stability.

Combustion will continue to be one of the primary conversion processes for producing heat and/or electricity from fuel, even in the 21st century. Domestic lignite will play an important role in this regard. In order to make optimal use of the fossil fuel resources, CARBOTECHNIK is always focusing on continuing to develop and improve the combustion technology.

In addition to renewable energy, solid fuels in particular will be important in the future. CARBOTECHNIK supplies optimal firing systems for all pulverised fuels, offering maximum energy efficiency and environmental compatibility.

When the highest standards with regard to the quality and quantity of dust dosing technology are required, that's when CARBOTECHNIK dosing systems are used - for both combustible and non-combustible dust.