49th Generating Plant Technology Colloquium 2017
Participation with exhibition stand, mercury minimisation

The 49th Generating Plant Technology Colloquium was held at the Congress Centre Dresden on 17 and 18 October 2017. Organised by the Institute of Process Engineering and Environmental Technology at TU Dresden, it has developed into a scientific-technical conference with about 780 participants annually.

49th Generating Plant Technology Colloquium 2017

Mercury reduction in generating plants was an important topic since the limit values that have been established represent a challenge for generating plant operators. Virtually all of the mercury contained in the fuel is released into the flue gas during the combustion process, for example in coal-fired generating plants. Studies have shown that the introduction of adsorption substances (such as activated carbon, activated lignite) to the raw gas binds mercury so it can be extracted via the filter.

Our dosing machine is ideal for this application. The number of injection points can be defined depending on the system and the input per injection point can be controlled separately. Injection can be individually controlled depending on the flow pattern within the flue gas duct and the mercury content, and is absolutely pulsation-free. Specific input minimises the consumption of the adsorption substance and maximises mercury separation.  

Since every plant has to be considered individually, we make a mobile dosing and conveying system available for studies. We work with specialists that have outstanding measuring technology equipment on the one hand and extensive experience in generating plant and environmental technology on the other hand. For the operating company, this is the best possible combination to meet the mercury reduction requirements and ensure generating plant operation over the long term.

P. Schöfmann

49th Generating Plant Technology Colloquium 2017

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