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Getec AG, Magdeburg HH Radici, Zeitz

The Radici Group is one of the Italian chemical companies which is most active on the international market. The diversified business units are active around the world and focus on the chemical, plastics and synthetic fibre industries.
The 100% owned subsidiary Radici Chimica Deutschland GmbH has established itself in the Zeitz industrial park and produces adipic acid, the raw material for manufacturing nylon and other plastics, e.g. for the automotive and clothing industries.
The combined heat and power plant installed by Getec, which in addition to pulverised lignite also burns the climate-damaging nitrous oxide (N2O) which is generated on site, covers the steam demand as well as part of the electricity requirements.
Carbotechnik was tasked with the planning, delivery, installation, commissioning and process engineering including pulverised lignite dosing for the dual flame tube boiler used to produce saturated steam, with one firing system respectively for pulverised lignite and one for nitrous oxide.

productDual flame tube
power2x9,1 MW
steam output27,8 t/h
dataSaturated steam 22 bar, 220 °C
combustiblePulverised lignite

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