Flame tube boiler, saturated steam
Schoellershammer, Düren

Flame tube boiler, saturated steam

The Schoellershammer paper plant is located in Düren, North Rhine-Westphalia, directly on the Rur river. Schoellershammer produces corrugated case material at this location, among other products. Due to the steadily rising demand for packaging material, Schoellershammer decided to increase the production capacity with a second paper machine. Since the existing supply of steam was no longer sufficient, GETEC AG was commissioned for the fabrication of several boilers for the construction of an additional steam generation plant. Two new flue boilers with brown coal dust firing were built in addition to two new gas boilers. Each of the brown coal dust boilers is equipped with the proven CARBOTECHNIK burner system. The reliable supply of fuel is also provided respectively by a CARBOTECHNIK dosing machine (delivery volume per dosing system 1570 kg/h) with flange-mounted CARBOTECHNIK dosing system filter attachment. Replenishment of the dosing machine is realised from two silos arranged individually above the dosing systems. The silos in turn are connected by a transverse screw conveyor, so that replenishment of the dosing machines is assured at all times.

Aside from the layout, CARBOTECHNIK also supplied and installed all measuring and control technology for the main components, the two air supply blowers for the boilers, all required lines, and the ignition gas sections.

Subsequently all shut-offs among other things were tested by CARBOTECHNIK during commissioning and all official individual burner tests were supervised.

The Carbotechnik scope of delivery and work essentially included:
All engineering for the steam boilers, economiser, burners and fuel delivery as well as the operating and control concept
-Carbotechnik muffle burners for brown coal dust including combustion air and blowing air supply with fans, measuring and control fittings
- Brown coal dust dosing (two DN1300 dosing machines with filter attachment) and conveying
- Electrical, measuring, control and feedback control systems.

Produkt 2 Flame-tube-boilers, saturated steam
Leistung 2x 9,1 MW
Dampfleistung 2x 13,95 to/h
Daten 22 bar, 217°C
Brennstoff Braunkohlenstaub oder Erdgas
Inbetriebnahme 27.02.2017

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