Flame-tube boiler
ICIG Weylchem in Griesheim

Flame-tube boiler

A new combustion plant was constructed in cooperation with GETEC AG for ICIG (Weylchem) at the Griesheim location, consisting of two new steam boilers fired with pulverized lignite dust or natural gas.

Carbotechnik’s scope of delivery includes complete dosing and conveying, the burners with burner lance for pulverized lignite dust and natural gas operation, the combustion and secondary air supply, and a complete recirculating gas circuit, respectively including fans and volume measurement, as well as a natural gas control path for each line. As with other boiler projects, the flue gas side layout including economiser was realised by Carbotechnik.

Two times 13.5 t saturated steam at approximately 217 °C per hour is generated under full load, used as process steam in the chemical plant. The supply with pulverized lignite dust is handled by two DN 1300 dosing machines including Carbotechnik top-mounted filter attachment, each with a maximum pulverized lignite dust conveying volume of 1595 kg/h or the natural gas section with gas consumption of 1000 Nm³/h.

The plant was put into operation in the summer of 2016 after planning and installation work was successfully completed by Carbotechnik. In addition to smooth plant operation, commissioning also included testing the required safety circuits and final acceptance of the plant by the TÜV. Official emission measurements showed that emissions are significantly below the limit values for all load ranges, both with pulverized lignite dust and with natural gas operation.

The Carbotechnik scope of delivery and work essentially included:
- All engineering for the steam boilers, economiser, burners and fuel delivery as well as the operating and control concept
-Carbotechnik muffle burners for pulverized lignite dust and natural gas including combustion air and recirculated flue gas supply with fans, measuring and control fittings
- Pulverized lignite dust dosing (two DN1300 dosing machines with filter attachment) and conveying
- Natural gas control path
- Electrical, measuring, control and feedback control systems

Product Two flue boilers
Output Two times 9.75 MW
Steam output Two times 13.5 tons/hour
Data 21 bar, 217°C
Fuel Pulverized lignite dust or natural gas
Commissioning 1 June 2016


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