Dosing machines for annular shaft kilns
Completion for SINOCALCI, China

Dosing machines for annular shaft kilns

SINOCALCI Corporation from China has once again ordered 2 dosage machines for new annular shaft kilns. Therefore Carbotechnik has already delivered 7 such systems for SINOCALCI. The dosage machines have a diameter of 2.6 m and each machine is equipped with 14 dosage units that can be controlled independently. A total of 6000 kg/h of brown coal dust per dosing system can therefore be conveyed. The two new annular shaft kilns (respectively 600TPD) are being installed in the province of Xinjiang in western China. Xinjiang Guotai Xinhua Mining Co., Ltd. is the end customer.

Quantity 2
Short description             Dosing machine with 14 dosage units
Delivery rate kg/h 6000 kg/h
Transported material: Pulverised lignite


Dosing machines for annular shaft kilns

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