Extended Cooperation with Qualical

QualiCal is an internationally known company and has been active in the lime industry since 1996. QualiCal offers technological solutions, engineering services as well as lime production machinery and equipment. As a relatively young company in the lime industry, QualiCal is characterized by fresh ideas and an innovative attitude throughout the industry. For this reason, QualiCal is growing dynamically and is already represented in more than 20 countries with its products.

Extended Cooperation with Qualical

Carbotechnik has been working closely with QualiCal Italy for the last 15 years. An outstanding dosing and conveying technology have been developed especially for Parallel Flow Regenerative kiln plants. This technology is used in all dust-fired QualiCal plants. Carbotechnik dosing and conveying systems have become established worldwide. They are used in the lime industry not only in Germany, but also inter alia in Austria, France, Benelux, Portugal, Japan, Malaysia and the Czech Republic.

We value QualiCal as a solid and innovative business partner and are very pleased that we have been able to extend our existing cooperation agreement for another 10 years. Our corporate customers can continue to rely on decades of experience and constant new and further developments.

In the picture: August Buchberger - CEO Carbotechnik (left) and Dr. Ing. Carlo Cella - CEO QualiCal

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