DWA 5th North-East Network Days

Carbotechnik participated in the sewage sludge network of the Noth-East Region on January 23, 2019 at the Hotel Steglitz International in Berlin on the 5th network day. Organizer of the event was the German Association for Water, Wastewaterand Waste e.V. (DWA).

DWA 5th North-East Network Days

As a politically and economically independent association, the DWA is committed to sustainable water management and to the promotion of research and development. The DWA provides a forum for ideas and exchange of views and supports the policy through its advice.

At the event, among others, political, technological and logistical aspects of sewage sludge regulation requirements were discussed.
It should be noted that the pressure on wastewater treatment plant operators is steadily increasing in order to ensure the safe, long-term and economically justifiable disposal of sewage sludge.

As a guest speaker, we had the opportunity to present our concept of thermal sewage sludge utilization. We paid attention to the idea that our system can also be operated economically for smaller plants and that the possibility of direct ash utilization as fertilizer exists. The virtually unlimited scalability regarding system size and individual design are a matter of course for systems of the Carbotechnik-Technology.

Every sewage sludge has its own characteristics. Whether your sewage sludge can be used to produce phosphate fertilizer without any further measures can be checked non-binding our research center.

At our booth, we were able to hold intensive discussions and introduce further advantages of our process to a large number of interested parties. The conference is the opportunity for an exchange of experience on this topic.
We will also accompany the upcoming events of the DWA on the subject of sewage sludge and seek personal contact with the responsible persons. Upcoming DWA events are:

P. Schöfmann

DWA 5th North-East Network Days

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