VDI-knowledge forum, sewage sludge treatment 2018
Participation as an exhibitor

With the amendment of the new Sewage Sludge Regulation, many operators are confronted with new challenges and took advantage of the 9th VDI Conference on Sewage Sludge Treatment, which took place in Nuremberg in November 2018.

VDI-knowledge forum, sewage sludge treatment 2018

During the discussion it became clear, that many operators as well as planners believe, that only the big mono-combustion plants can be operated economically. With our concept, we explain that decentralized and relatively small sewage sludge recycling plants can achieve economic and ecological advantages. A decentralized solution offers further advantages for the operator. Long-term security and calculable costs for disposal. The implementation of such a project requires no or cooperation with only one neighboring sewage sludge recycling plant. Acceptance within the resident population is significantly higher, sewage sludge transfer over long distances does not take place. The truck traffic or CO2 freight is, as a rule, significantly reduced in comparison to existing disposal solutions. The chance of ashes in the fertilizer cycle without the intermediate step of phosphor recycling is increased, as e.g. the separation of polluted sewage sludge is possible.

Our concept can be used for both small and very large plants and can be designed for individual requirements. No matter what problem with the sewage sludge disposal is, always ready to answer your questions and assist in finding the right technology solutions for it. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our contact persons Mr. Eder +49 177/2913815 or Mr. Dipl. Ing. (FH) Schöfmann +49 8171/4690746 are at your disposal.

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