We`ve moved

The new CARBOTECHNIK Energiesysteme GmbH building in Geretsried was formally inaugurated on 17 September 2010. Now the company, a member of the GETEC Group, not only has adequate office space but also a generous storage and factory building.

We`ve moved

The CARBOTECHNIK staff celebrated their new home, which was finished after eight months of construction, with a poem they wrote themselves. "The new space does justice to the growth CARBOTECHNIK has enjoyed and also represents its future success", Dipl.-Ing. Volker Schulz, Director of GETEC AG, said during the inauguration. GETEC AG is a shareholder of the Geretsried company.
Founded in 2001, CARBOTECHNIK currently has a staff of 30, the majority of them engineers. The company develops, manufactures and delivers the components required for dosing and combustion of pulverised materials, manufactured e.g. from lignite, biomass, pet coke or sludge. CARBOTECHNIK develops firing systems which offer maximum energy efficiency and environmental compatibility.

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